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District Programme Management Unit(DPMU)

In districts, the cornerstone for smooth and successful implementation of NRHMI programme is dependent on the management capacity of District Programme Managers, smooth functioning of District RCH Society and empowerment of the programme implementation structure. The District Health Society is being strengthened through the integration of all societies in the district and this society will be responsible for project management in districts. While the Collector would continue to be the Chairperson of District RCH Society, suitable manpower resources for programme management and finance/accounts functions has been provided. The district level functions include planning, implementation and monitoring of all EAPs including RCH II, finance and accounting, training and capacity building, MIES and district plans etc.

The district PMU is composed of three skilled personnel i.e. Programme Manager, Accounts Manager and Data Assistant have been provided in each district. These personnel are there to provide the basic support for programme implementation and monitoring at district level. The District Programme Manager is responsible for providing support to all programmes and projects in the Districts, planning, implementation and monitoring of all EAPs including RCH II, training and capacity building, MIES, development of district plans, regular reporting and feedback,. The District Accounts Manager is responsible for the finance and accounting function of District RCH Society including grants received from the state society and donors, disbursement of funds to the implementing agencies, preparation of submission of monthly/quarterly/annual SoE, ensuring adherence to laid down accounting standards, ensure timely submission of UCs, periodic internal audit and conduct of external audit and implementation of computerized FMS. The Data Assistant in close consultation with district officials has to facilitate working of District RCH Society, maintain records, create and maintain district resource database for the health sector, inventory management, procurement and logistics, planning and monitoring and evaluation. District Data Assistant is responsible for MIS and data collection and reporting at district level.

Organogram of District Programme Management Unit (DPMU)

All the position under DPMU are filled as on date and is fully functional.