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Updated Mandatory Disclosures 2015-16

    HR under NVBDCP (PDF, 92 kb)
    HR under IDSP (PDF, 92 kb)
    HR under NPCDS (PDF, 92 kb)
    Report of Supportive Supervision Visits*** (PDF, 92 kb)
    Report of Baseline assessment (PDF, 92 kb)
    Activities under NUHM (PDF, 92 kb)
    NRC Report (PDF, 283 kb)

Mandatory Disclosures

    District Wise Health Human Resource*** (PDF, 92 kb)
    District wise Details of Civil Work*** (PDF, 92 kb)
    Rashtriya Mobile M edical Unit (PDF, 92 kb)
    Facility Out Put (PDF, 92 kb)
    Ambulance Services Data (PDF, 92 kb)
    Procurement (PDF, 1037 kb)

Government Orders/Notifications

    Gazette Notification for Districtwise post fixation (PDF, 92 kb)
    GO for Rational deployment of EmOC and LSAS trained doctors and specialists especially gynaecologists andanaesthetists in teams (PDF, 458 kb)
    GO for implementation of RMMU (PDF, 92 kb)
    GO for implementation of NAS (BMP, 234 kb)
    GO on use of Generic Drug (PDF, 92 kb)
    Essential Drug List (PDF, 92 kb)
    List of Banned Drugs (PDF, 92 kb)
    GO for JSSK (PDF, 92 kb)
    GO for JSY (PDF, 92 kb)
    QAC Notification (PDF, 92 kb)
    PC & PNDT Notification (PDF, 92 kb)
    GO on HR deployment (PDF, 92 kb)
    Accountability (PDF, 92 kb)
    Responsiveness (PDF, 92 kb)
    Notification of DLVMC (PDF, 92 kb)

Meeting minutes

    Meeting on GoI Conditionalities (PDF, 92 kb)
    Meeting on convergence with APSACS (PDF, 92 kb)
    ARSH Convergence Meeting (PDF, 92 kb)
    Review Meeting (PDF, 92 kb)
    Community Monitoring Meeting  (PDF, 92 kb)