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Activities of NHM

1. State Health Mission (SHM)

The State Health Mission is constituted under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Chief Minister along with State Health Society wherein governing body under SHS is headed by CS and the Executive body is headed by Secretary (Health). The State NRHM Secretariat is headed by Mission Director under State Programme Management Support Unit.

Similarly, all the Districts have District Health Mission under the Chairmanship of chairman, Zila Parisad. The District Health Society headed by Deputy Commissioner. All the District Health Society are constituted, notified and registered under Society Registration Act

2. Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS)

Rogi Kalyan Samiti/Hospital Management Committee has been constituted, notified and registered in 13 out of 15 District Hospitals, 29 out of 54 CHCs and 71 out of 128 PHCs as on date. Account books have been opened in 14 District Hospital, 29 CHCs and 77 PHCs.

Out of 472 Sub centres, so far 273 untied fund Joint Account Books have been opened.

3. Village Health Sanitation Committee (VHSC)

Out of the expected 3862 VHSC, so far 1224 VHSC has been constituted and notified and the process of constituting more VHSC is going on.

4. Facility Survey/ House Hold Survey

Facility Survey for 12 DH, 29 CHC, 41 PHC, and 299 SC has been completed along with 11 /16 House hold Survey completed.

5. CHC upgradation to Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS).

Upgradation of CHCs to IPHS under NRHM has been implemented. GoI sanctioned Rs. 20 Lakh each for upgrading all the CHCs to IPHS in terms of Infrastructure development. The activities have been implemented as per the requirement of the facilities.

6. Janani Suraksha Yojana(JSY)

JSY has been implemented in the state since 2005-06.The rural poor women are availing the facilities provided under this scheme. So far 1433 pregnant women have been benefited during 2006-07 and this year upto 31st August 2007-08) is 938.

Efforts are made to popularize the scheme through IEC materials and it is hope that institutional deliveries will definitely improved during the year.


Drug Kits under NRHM has been supplied to the districts during 2006-07 and more Drug Kits are being procured. RCH drug Kits for Maternal and Child Health have been finalized and it will be supplied in kinds by GoI.

8. Health Melas organized

Six Health Melas were organized at Lumla (Tawang), Seppa (East Kameng), Koloriang (Kurung Kumey), Ruksin (East Siang), Yingkiong (Upper Siang) and Namsai (Lohit) during the year 2006-07. Thousand of patients were benefited during the camps.

During this year, so far 3 Health Melas have been organized at at Namsai (Lohit), Longding (Tirap) and Jairampur (Changlang).

9. Ambulance:

Under NRHM, 4 ambulances were supplied to the districts (Mukto PHC in Tawang, Dirang CHC in West Kameng, Darak PHC in West Siang, and Diyun PHC in Changlang)

4 more ambulances were supplied to NGO run PHCs through PPP funding under RCH-II which was implemented by VHAI.

10. Training completed-

Several trainings were conducted during the year.

Training of District Program Manager(DPM) Induction (8 DPM), Accountants (17), MIS(18 Data asst & 8 DPM), RI, Skill Birth Attendant ToT (Gyn)-1, SBA- ANM (59) & SBA GNM(59), Intrauterine Device(66ANM), Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP) Training (24 MO), Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses(IMNCI) ToT (10 MOs), IMNCI orientation (36 MOs), IMNCI Training, (4 MOs), Emergency Obstetrics Care(EmOC) master Trainer- 1 (Surat Medical College), Advocacy training for PRI (890) were conducted during 2006-07.

11. Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)

Out of Target of 3862 to be selected, as on date 2861 ASHAs have been selected in the state. Out of 2861, 1569 have been already trained in introduction and Module-I.

ASHA Kits have already been procured and is being supplied to ASHA.

12. District Health Action Plan(DHAP) / State Program Implementation Plan (SPIP)

Revised SPIP as per the inputs of GoI got National Program Coordination Committee (NPCC) approval.

(All 16 districts have submitted the DHAP for the year 2007-08. Appraisal of all DHAPs & SPIP done in Ghy workshop on 10-11th May’ 07).

13.Sub Centre functionalization

There are 273 out of 378 Sub Centres functional in the state. However, efforts are being made to functionalized all the Sub Centres by providing ANM through recruitment of ANMs under NRHM and relocation of ANMs who are posted in District Hospital/General Hospital/ CHCs.

138 additional ANMs have been recruited and posted to SCs in the district
10 Nos. of Sub-Centre building constructions going on.

14. PHC

There are as on date 52 PHCs functional in terms of providing 24 hr delivery services. Strengthening of PHCs providing

  • Recruitment of Medical Officers.
  • Allopathy: - 10 Nos. recruited and posted to the district.
  • AYUSH :- 10 Nos. recruited and posted to the district.
  • Civil work
  • 20 residential quarters under construction.
  • Major civil work – construction of Labour room, RCH store
  • Room, Immunization room under construction (under RCH-II)
  • Minor civil work - improvement of water supply & electricity
  • Supply, repair & maintenance under construction (RCH-II)-Enclosed

15. Functionalizing DH

There are 9 GH/DH FRU in the state out of 14 GH/DH. 1 District Hospital (Aalo) was upgraded as FRU last year by providing Specialist and Staff Nurses. More upgradation work are going on for 14 District / General Hospitals.

16. Public Private Partnership (PPP)

All the 16 PHCs run by NGO under PPP are providing excellent Primary Health Care services to the rural population. The services are as per the MoU.

  • 16 PHCs run by 4 NGOs.
  • 24 hours Emergency / Casualty Services.
  • OPD service for six days per week
  • 5 to 10 bed inpatient facility.
  • 24 hrs labour Room and Essential Obstetrics facility.
  • Minor Operation Theatre facility
  • 24 hrs Ambulance facility
  • Make available essential medicines
  • Participation in and implementation of National Programs of Health & Family Welfare including the National Rural Health Mission.
  • Outreach/IEC activities by conducting medical camps.
  • Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)
The Mobile Medical Unit Scheme is being implemented in the state. The MMU consisting of 3 vehicles housing medical personnel, Laboratory Equipments and Diagnostics Equipments have been ordered and it is hoped that the MMU would be flagged off by Hon’ble CM within this month. The MMU will be best at district Head Quarters under the direct control of Deputy Commissioner.