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Vision statement

The vision of implementing RCH II programme in Arunachal Pradesh is to reduce the MMR to reduce to < 100 by 2010 by providing client friendly, quality RCH services to the beneficiaries providing special attention to the vulnerable groups. The present MMR of 300 is to be reduced to 200 in 07-08 and 150 by 08-09 for which adequate objectives and strategies are projected.

1. maternal health

  • Objective: Providing adequate client friendly Maternal Health Services

  • Strategy: To make adequate infrastructure, manpower and resources to functionalize 2 DH, 1 CHC and 10 PHC.

  • Activity: Functionalize SC, PHC, CHC and DH.

  • Infrastructure development & up gradation:

  • Civil works

  • Manpower

  • Training

  • Equipments/ Drugs & Supplies

  • Dissemination Workshops

  • Monitoring

  • Operationalise 24x7 PHCs

  • ANC services at health facilities

  • MTP services at health facilities

  • RTI / STI services

  • Operationalise Sub-Centres

  • Referral Transport

  • Integrated  outreach RCH services

  • Monthly Village Health and Nutrition Days at Anganwadi Centers

  • Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY)

2. Child health

  • Objective: To bring down the IMR from 61 (NFHS-III) to <30 by providing adequate client friendly child health services.

  • Strategy:

  • To make adequate infrastructure, manpower and resources etc for improving the Child Health Services in the state.

  • IMNCI implementation

  • School Health Programme:

  • Monitor Progress and quality of services

  • Care of Sick Children and Severe Malnutrition at FRUs:

  • Management of Diarrhoea, ARI and Micronutrient malnutrition


To increase the % of permanent female sterilization from 14.5 (RHS 2002) to 17 in 07-08, to 19 in 08-09 and to 21 in 09-10 and to increase the % of permanent male sterilization from 0.1 (NFHS-II) to increase to 0.4 in 07-08, to 0.5 in 08-09 and 0.6 in 09-10.

By promoting sterilization procedures in functional health facilities and sterilization camp.

4. ARSH (Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health)

  • Adolescent friendly services

  • Setting up of Adolescent clinic at health facilities      

5. Urban RCH  

  • Goal and Objectives of the UHP (Urban Health Programme)
    The principal objective of this project is to improve the health status of the urban poor by providing quality and sustainable integrated primary health services with special emphasis on maternal and child health care.

  • Coverage

A. Itanagar-Naharlagun

B. Pasighat

  • Packages of Services

A. Urban Health Centre (UHC)

The proposed service that would be provided in the first tier health facility is as follows:

  1. Antenatal care, postnatal care, referrals for institutional deliveries.

  2. Immunizations

  3. Family planning, IUD insertion and referral for terminal methods

  4. Laboratory services.

  5. Treatment of minor illnesses including RTI / STI.

  6. Depot holder for ORS / contraceptives

  7. Health education and outreach service.

  8. Services under NAMP, DOTS etc.

  9. Targeted IEC, BCC and training.

Apart from the above proposed services, the UHC staff will perform additional role in conducting scheduled outreach camps in coordination with link volunteer, assess field situation to develop plans with NGO & link volunteer, determine the process to be adopted for sustainability of the health centre (e.g. user fees) and conduct activities linked to National Programs.

Each UHC will operate for 8 hours per day from 8 AM to 4 PM on 5 days a week. Outreach service will be conducted on every Saturday. Medicines, equipments, other consumables etc will be provided for the existing 2 UHCs and the new UHC to be established at Itanagar.

  • Human Resources   

Urban Health Centre

The following existing filled up posts under 2 UHCs would continue.

LMO                             -           1

ANM                             -           3

PHN / LHV                     -           1

Laboratory Assistant        -           1

Night Chowkidar              -           1

Male attendant               -           1

Female Attendant           -           2

Sweeper (contingency)    -           1

Accountant                   -           1

link volunteers

The identification process will be transparent, attitude and sincerity based, preferably among women group from the local community. One link volunteer will be identified for approximately 150-200 households totaling about 60 link volunteers mainly in the vulnerable groups for Itanagar-Naharlagun (30 already existing for Naharlagun) and 19 link volunteers for Pasighat already selected.

  •  Outreach Activities

As per records available, there have been activities in relation to outreach services. Therefore, in order to further improve coverage, to provide quality service and to establish good relationship with the target community, a fresh outreach plan is proposed:


In smaller towns, the requisite focused interventions for urban poor including slum dwellers are incorporated in the Urban Health program of RCH II PIP. The current plan would include 2 slum areas in each of the District headquarters of 14 Districts under Routine Immunization (2x14/ month). There are 11 identified airfed areas where normally facilities are not available. The areas are Desali, Thingbu, Singa, Aivelly circle, Taksing, Tali, Chambang, Parsi Parlo, Damin, Monigong and Sarli. Frequency of service delivery will be monthly once through outreach sessions. Helicopter services are proposed to cover these areas for RI once in 2 months in which MCH activities will be an important component(11x6).

7. HMIS (Health Management Information System) / Monitoring & Evaluation

8. BCC (Behavior Changes  and Communication

9. Training including for private sector / NGOs

  • Strengthening of training institutions

  • Trainings Under Maternal Health, Child Health, Family Planning, Adolescent Health, HMIS, PMU, Finance.

10. Financial Management

11. Convergence / Coordination

12. Public Private Partnership


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