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West Kameng

GeographyWest Kameng district occupies an area of 7,442 square kilometres. It lies approximately between 91° 30' to 92° 40' East longitudes and 26° 54' to 28° 01' North latitudes. The district shares an international border with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the west, Tawang District in the northwest, and East Kameng district in the east. The southern border is shared with Sonitpur district and Darrang district of Assam. The Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is located in West Kameng.

Administrative divisions The district is divided into three subdivisions, Thrizino, Rupa and Bomdila, which are further divided into twelve administrative circles, namely, Dirang, Bomdila, Kalaktang, Balemu, Bhalukpong, Jameri, Sinchung, Nafra, Thrizino, Rupa, Thembang and Shergaon. The four development blocks in this district are Dirang, Kalaktang, Nafra-Buragaon, and Thrizino. There are 4 Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly constituencies located in this district: Dirang, Kalaktang, Thrizino-Buragaon and Bomdila. All of these are part of Arunachal West Lok Sabha constituency.

Demographics According to the 2011 census West Kameng district has a population of 87,013. The district has a population density of 12 inhabitants per square kilometre. Its population growth rate over the decade 2001–2011 was 16.64%. West Kameng has a sex ratio of 755 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 69.4%. West Kameng comprises five major tribes: Monpa (which makes up 78% of the district's population and includes Dirang, Bhut, Lish, and Kalaktang Monpa), Miji (Sajolang), Sherdukpen, Aka (Hrusso), and Khowa (Bugun). Minority tribes include Takpa, Lishipa, Chugpa, and Butpa. Most of the inhabitants are Buddhist, though the Aka, Khowa, and Miji have indigenous religions and those tribe members follow a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Donyi-Polo.

Health Facilities in the District There are 1 District Hospital, 4 Community Health Centres, 6 Primary Health Centres and 25 Sub Centres in the district (LIST)


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