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Geography Longding district (Pron:/lɒŋˈdɪŋ/) is one of the 17 administrative districts of Arunachal Pradesh. It is the most recently created district in the state. It was carved out of the southern portion of the Tirap District. The district shares its boundary to the east with Myanmar and its boundary to the west and the south with the state of Nagaland. Towards the north is the Tirap District from which the district was carved out.

Administrative divisions There are Three  Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly constituencies located in this district: Longding-Pumao, Pongchau-Wakka and Kanubari. All of these are part of Arunachal East Lok Sabha constituency.The district consists of six subdivisions: Longding, Kanubari, Pongchau, Wakka, Pumao and Lawnu.

Demographics The district has an estimated population of 60,000. The district is inhabited mainly by the Wancho people. They practice gun making, wood carving and bead making. They follow a type of Slash-and-burn cultivation known as the Jhum cultivation. Still many people follow Animism though a few have converted to Christianity.

Health Facilities in the District There are 1 3 CHCs, 2 PHCs and 16 SCs in the District (LIST)


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