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Geography Anjaw District is an administrative district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India. It is a newly created district, having been split from Lohit district on 16 February 2004 under the Arunachal Pradesh Re-organization of Districts Amendment Bill. The district borders China on the north. Hawai, at an altitude of 1296 m above sea level, is the district headquarters, located on the banks of the Lohit River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. It is the easternmost district in India. Anjaw is the second least populous district in India

Administrative divisions There is one Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly constituency located in this district: Hayuliang. It is part of the Arunachal East Lok Sabha constituency. The district has seven administrative units: Hayuliang, Hawai, Manchal, Goiliang, Walong, Kibithoo and Chaglagam.

Demographics According to the 2011 census Anjaw district has a population of 21,089. The district has a population density of 3 inhabitants per square kilometre (7.8 /sq mi) . Its population growth rate over the decade 2001–2011 was 13.77%. Anjaw has a sex ratio of 805 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 59.4%.

Health Facilities in the District There are 1 DH (under construction), 2 CHCs, 4 PHCs and 24 SCs in the Districts (LIST)


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